PocketNester 0.7

Mario and friends invade your Pocket PC

PocketNester is an NES emulator that will turn your Pocket PC into an 80s games console. View full description


  • Loading ROMs is quick and easy
  • Lots of graphics and sound settings
  • Full-screen mode


  • Overly complex control configuration
  • Playability not always guaranteed


PocketNester is an NES emulator that will turn your Pocket PC into an 80s games console.

The emulator allows you to play classics such as Super Mario Bros., Zelda, WWF Wrestlemania, and Duck Tales on your Windows Mobile device. Like most emulators it works by playing ROM files that store the game data. These can be downloaded freely from the internet or created from the original cartridge. I should warn you at this point that downloading ROMs of game you don't own is illegal.

PocketNester makes it pretty easy to start playing these retro classics. You just need to choose 'Open ROM' from the 'File' menu and browse to the ROM file on your handset or portable device. The games generally load impressively quickly and are faithfully recreated with their original graphics. Bear in mind that the screen on the Pocket PC is much smaller than the TV you used to play Nintendo on so some games will be a little more fiddly and hard to view. It's also impossible to guarantee that every ROM file will work in PocketNester, so it's a case of trial and error really.

Play the game

In order to start playing games properly in PocketNester you'll probably need to play around with the Controller settings to define the keys. I found this to be quite a cumbersome process though, and you'll find that PocketNester doesn't seem to like certain key configurations.

There are lots of features and customization options to explore in PocketNester, including sound and graphics settings, full-screen mode, turbo buttons, and save slots. Unfortunately, the program is lacking in help files, so you're on your own when it comes to setting up PocketNester.

If you've got a love of retro video games then why not play all your old favorites on the bus with PocketNester?



PocketNester 0.7

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